The support of our amazing parent community is one of the things that helps make Wasatch Peak Academy a phenomenal place to learn.  We ask that every family at Wasatch Peak contribute 30 hours per year to support their child's education.    You can help us qualify for grants and other rewards by logging your volunteer hours here.

Looking for Ways to Volunteer?  Our website is designed to make it easy for parent to find volunteer opportunities.  Below are some great ways to help.

Help in your child's classroom

Starting in the fall of 2018 our faculty page will include a links for you to sign up to help in your child's classroom directly.  Read with students, help give spelling tests, or organize materials.   All of these hours means your child's teacher can go further in the work they do with the students.  Theses hours make a huge difference in the level of academic rigor we are able to offer WPA students.

Help with an Event

Wasatch Peak has several yearly and bi-yearly events that make our community unique.   Check out our Traditions Page for an outline of the events and links to sign-up to help.

Find the most current need

There are often posts requesting help for events on our PTO Facebook page or our School Facebook page.  Following these is both informative and fun.

Looking for an Eagle Scout Project? 

We are looking for help with the following...

Outdoor Painting

  • Paint four square lines outside
  • Paint lines on basketball courts outside
  • Paint hop scotches on the playground

Please Contact Us if you are interested in any of the opportunities below. We know that scouts are always looking for good projects, so if you know of a group or scout that would like to serve, send them our way.

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