Dress Code

Uniform Colors

Dress Code Policies

  • Shirts must be long- or short-sleeved with collars. Full turtlenecks are considered collars.
  • Shirts must be a solid color red, white or navy blue. Undershirts, if worn, must be red, white or navy blue.
  • Except for Wasatch Peak Academy's school logo, no logos, emblems, embroidery, embellishments, trim or lettering of any kind are allowed. Stitching must be the same color as the fabric.
  • Plain sweaters, sweater vests, or sweatshirts may be worn over acceptable collared shirts and must be red, white or navy blue.
  • Jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts, capris or pants are allowed.
  • Jeans, stretch pants or sweat pants are not permitted.
  • Color choices are limited to navy blue, khaki or school plaid.
    Skirts, shorts and skorts must be an appropriate length.
  • All items must fit properly. Items should be stitched in the same color as the fabric.
  • Emblems, decorations, embellishments and characters are not allowed.
  • Tights or fitted leggings, if worn, should be red, white or navy and are allowed to be worn under  approved skirts, skorts or dresses. Collared dresses of appropriate length may be worn in navy and khaki.
  • Socks should be in good repair and not distracting.
  • Belts are optional. If worn, belts must be brown, navy blue or black. Ties are optional. If worn, ties must be navy blue, red or school plaid.
  • Ties must not have logos, emblems, decorations, embellishments, or characters.
  • Shoes with open toes, open heels, lights, or characters are not allowed. Shoes should complement the uniform and not be distracting.
  • Clothing must be neat and clean. Rips or tears are not acceptable.
  • Clothes must be the appropriate size and worn properly. No underwear should be showing.
  • Jewelry should be minimal. Students may have one pair of small earrings. Exposure of other body piercings is not allowed.
  • Hair must be combed, neat, and should not be distracting. Hair accessories should not be distracting.
  • Khaki is tan.
  • Occasionally, the Principal may designate a special day with specific dress requirements.

Patriot Days & Free Dress Days

Every Friday is Patriot Day. On Patriot Day students may wear Wasatch Peak Academy t-shirts or Wasatch Peak Academy logo shirts and dress code bottoms. On free dress days, students are expected to dress in a manner that positively impacts the learning environment. Clothing must not compromise safety standards for our students. The following are not permitted: hats, costumes (unless specifically identified), baggy or saggy pants, tank tops, shorts or skirts higher than mid-thigh, bare feet, open toe or high-heeled (over 1/2 inch) shoes, and clothing that displays obscene, drug related, vulgar, or sexually explicit words, messages, or pictures, or clothing reasonably assumed as gang-related. Clothing must not expose midriffs, buttocks, or undergarments.

As styles change, or if questions arise, the Principal, as the Governing Boards’ designee, has the authority to determine whether or not a student’s dress is in keeping with this policy. Students may not opt-out of this policy, but the Principal may at any time during the school year grant an exemption from this policy  to a student because of extenuating circumstances. Parents who have a complaint or concern with respect to this policy, including regarding a denial of a requested exemption from this policy, should follow the school’s Grievance Policy for Parents.

What if My Child is Not in Uniform?

If a student comes to school in clothing that is not within our dress code policy, they will be directed to the front office. The student will then call home for appropriate attire and the parents will need to bring them uniform clothing to change into. The front office will not provide alternate clothing if a student is out of dress code.

Where Can I Find Uniform Clothing?

Option 1: School uniforms can be purchased at several stores. Many parents have found success at Walmart, Target, Children’s Place, and Old Navy.

Option 2: Our PTO sells used uniforms at the school for $1.00 per item of clothing.

The PTO will be having a used uniform sale August 5-9, 2024 in the school lobby. School shirts (for Patriot Days!) and jackets are available too!

What if I'm Not Sure if My Child's Clothing is Dress Code Approved?

Call us at the front office or email Julie Nelson at the front office at jnelson@wasatchpeak.org.