Wasatch Peak Academy

School Geography Bee on Friday at 1:00. Lion King, Jr. Practice this Thursday. Patriot Day on Friday.

Mrs. Seminario's literacy class is doing some serious READING!!

The third grade made this amazing American flag!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Veterans' 5K Race!!! Winners got to throw pies in our faces!!

Growth Mindset is our Theme for the year.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Veterans' 5K Race!!! Winners got to throw pies in our faces!!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Veterans' 5K Race!!! Winners got to throw pies in our faces!!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Veterans' 5K Race!!! Winners got to throw pies in our faces!!

Upcoming Events

School Geography Bee
Date: 12/9/2016, 1 PM 7 PM
Location: The three top winners in each class for grades 4-6. The Geography Bee will be held in the Library
School Christmas Sing-Around for Families
Date: 12/20/2016, 1 PM 2:30 PM
Christmas Sing-Around for Students-- EARLY OUT
Date: 12/21/2016, 8:30 AM
Christmas Break--No School
Date: 12/22/2016
Location: School resumes on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
Christmas Break--No School
Date: 12/23/2016
Location: School resumes on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

News & Announcements

Halloween Parade and Parties Friday, October 28.

Our Halloween Parade will begin at 8:30 A.M. on Friday, October 28. Parents, families, and neighbors are welcome. Students need to come to school DRESSED IN THEIR COSTUME! NO Masks!! Students are welcome to paint their faces, but no masks or weapons are allowed. They can bring casual clothes to change into if they want OR they can wear their costume all day. Only one clothing change during the day. Class parties begin at 1:15-2:15. Toddlers and younger siblings may watch a movie in the Library (they're not allowed to be in the class parties). No school on Monday, October 31.

What does KINDNESS look like?

The "K" in our school wide rules stands for KINDNESS. When you see your children demonstrating this amazing quality, will you please point it out to them, so they are reminded regularly of the impact kindness can have on others? I saw this quote on Instagram a few weeks ago and it has touched me. We often focus so much on academics, which are important. But too often, I am counseling with scholars in my office about what kindness looks like. When I hear of playground incidents, I always ask the complainants "what part of this is kindness?" They all seem to know that none of what they complained about is kindness. Kindness is not pushing someone down at recess so we can be first to line up or play four-square. Kindness is not telling someone they're stupid and we don't want to be their friend. Kindness is not letting someone sit alone at lunch, while everyone is laughing and carrying on around them. Kindness is not blaming him or her for "starting it". Kindness is not stringing words into a sentence that causes someone else to hear a message of hate, humiliation, or cruelty.

But rather, kindness looks like being someone's friend, even if they make a silly mistake. Kindness looks like a lunchroom where everyone has someone to sit by and talk about the best part of their week so far. Kindness looks like standing up for someone when someone else says cruel, humiliating, or hurtful words to them and we hear those words. Kindness looks like thinking about how we react when someone does something to hurt us--and we respond with kindness and forgiveness instead of more blame, anger, and harsh words.

I have been in the lunchroom more that usual lately. We've had some behavior problems with grades 3-6. But the thing I have noticed the most is how many scholars are sitting all alone, while there are people just a few spots away from them not including the person who is alone. This hurts my heart.
Will you please ask your own child(ren) to please seek out and sit next to anyone who is sitting alone? See if your child will ask them how their day is going, or invite them to play, or make a new friend. I hope that we can have a school where everyone knows what kindness looks like and everyone has someone to sit next to in the lunchroom.
Mrs. Swan

Night of the Arts

Here you will find the rules and entry form for the upcoming event, Night of the Arts.

School Picture Schedule CHANGE

The school photos have gone quicker than anticipated. Our scholars are so well behaved!! Please see UPDATED schedule for individual and class photos for tomorrow and Thursday.

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