Randi Enriquez

P.E. Teacher

Randi Enriquez


2005  Masters of Exercise and Sport Science, Special Physical Education, University of Utah

1996  B. S. Special Education & Health/Physical Education, University of the Southwest, Hobbs, NM

1992  Diploma Attained, Woods Cross High School, Woods Cross, Utah


Endorsements, Honors, or Awards:

Physical Education (Grades K-12) Endorsement, USOE, 2005

Mile/Moderate Disabilities Endorsement, NM, 1997

Utah State Elementary Teacher of the Year, 2008

Graduate School: Received Inspiration Award for the graduating class of 2005


Teaching Experience:

2007-present Physical Education Teacher, Wasatch Peak Academy, NSL

2006- Adapted Physical Education Teacher, Spectrum Academy, NSL

2005-Itinerant/Adapted Physical Education Teacher, Jordan School District, Utah

2003-Internship, University of Utah, Utah

1999-Special Education Teacher, Hobbs High School, Hobbs, NM 

1996-Special Education Teacher, Houston Jr. High, Hobbs, NM



My absolute favorite sport is Soccer.  I love to play soccer and I love to watch soccer. I currently play on three soccer teams and would play every day if i could.

I love to run, read, do puzzles, and hang out with my family.

I collect magnets from the various places I visit.

What I love about teaching at WPA is the students.  They are so much fun to teach.  They are funny, kind, and smart.  They make me laugh and want to get up everyday and go to work!!!!!!