Policies & Documents

The following are links to our current school policies, procedures, notices and other helpful documentation.  


  • Notice of Directory Information
  • Notice of Nondiscrimination
  • Notice to Parents Regarding Withdrawing from School
  • Notification of Rights under FERPA
  • Notification of Rights under PPRA and Utah FERPA
  • Parental Rights to Academic Accommodations
  • Student Data Collection Notice




Wasatch Peak Academy will be using the ESSER III funds awarded by the state in the following ways: 

  • • 20% of the funds may be used to address student learning and accelerate student achievement to regain ground lost in learning. 
  • • 80% of the funds may be used to upgrade wireless technology, technology devices, equipment, and services to ensure the health and safety of students. 


If you would like to provide feedback on the plan, please contact Amy Pilkington at 


Student Data Privacy Information

Wasatch Peak Academy participates in the Utah Student Data Privacy Alliance (USPA).  The USPA is a collaboration of the Utah State Board of Education and Local Education Agencies that share common concerns around student privacy. The goal of the USPA is to set standards of both practice and expectations around student privacy such that all parties involved have a common understanding of expectations.

Respect For Flag 

Respect for Flag Statement: At Wasatch Peak Academy teachers follow Utah Rule R277-475. Concerning Patriotic, Civic and Character Education by: At least once a year students shall be instructed that: 1. participation in the Pledge of Allegiance is voluntary and not compulsory; 2. it is acceptable for an individual to choose not to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance for religious or other reasons; and 3. students should show respect for individuals who participate and individuals who choose not to participate. A public school teacher shall strive to maintain an atmosphere among students in the classroom that is consistent with the principles described in R277-475-5C

Wellness Committee Meetings 

January 13, 2020 


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