Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Wasatch Peak Academy is a public K-6 charter school in North Salt Lake City. Wasatch Peak Academy will provide a meaningful educational experience utilizing service-learning and Spanish emphasis instruction to inspire in students:

  • a genuine appreciation for community and country;
  • a perpetual enthusiasm for learning;
  • a willingness to embrace leadership opportunities;
  • and a standard of individual academic excellence.


Wasatch Peak Academy is proud to uphold the following standards and practices:

  • Sets high expectations for all students
  • Offers private school quality with no tuition
  • Emphasizes mastery of reading and math skills
  • Expects 30 volunteer hours per year from each family
  • Offers a bilingual educational opportunity for all grades
  • Requires a dress code to ensure an orderly learning environment
  • Provides a community atmosphere where every child will be successfulInsists on increased accountability from teachers, parents and students
  • Provides the core curriculum as outlined by the Utah Office of Education

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