Marilyn Smith


Marilyn Smith has been involved with WPA since it opened its doors in 2005! She is dedicated to the school – its values, charter, and people. She grew up in the greater Salt Lake City area, and graduated from the University of Utah. She worked as a foster care caseworker with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services. After spending 10 years raising her 3 children, she returned to work as a Teacher’s Assistant with WPA for four years in kindergarten, 3rd, and 6th grades. She loved it so much she decided to earn her teaching license and become a full-time teacher. She taught 4th grade for three years; this will be her third year teaching her "dream grade" - 5th! Mrs. Smith enjoys traveling. She has visited 45 states and nearly all of the lower Canadian provinces. Her goal is to visit all 50 states and to travel to every continent – except Antarctica. She also enjoys dark chocolate, hiking, reading, listening to '80's New Wave music, rollerblading, going to the theater, cooking, singing, attending her children’s concerts & recitals, eating, doing puzzles & Sudoku, and watching Netflix. Mrs. Smith loves everything about teaching and learning! She has a passion for great literature, math, and science. She spent 3 years living near Boston, Massachusetts, where United States history really came alive for her. She is looking forward to sharing her patriotism and love of the U.S.A. with her students.