Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast Program

Nutritious breakfast and lunch programs are offered daily!
 Student Breakfast - $1.50
Adult Breakfast - $3.50
Breakfast starts at 7:50-8:00 daily.
Students who miss "first" breakfast can still access our breakfast program through "second chance breakfast" during morning recess.   (State lunch program requirements only allow us to charge students for one breakfast per day.  This means that students may only participate in First Breakfast OR Second Breakfast but not both.)

Access the breakfast menu.

Lunch Program

Student Lunch - $1.90
Adult Lunch - $3.50

Pay Online
 You can pay for school lunches online. Pay Now!

Access the lunch menu for JANUARY

Wasatch Peak is proud to offer free and reduced lunch options to help support families.  These programs not only help us ensure that student do not go hungry; they are the bases for WPA accessing Title I funds that help supply our reading intervention programs.  This means that just by apply families can help the school access additional funds to work with struggling students.  

Apply for our free and/or reduced lunch program.  

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