Learning Resources

Digital Resources

At WPA we pride ourselves on creating learning environments that target your students level which is why every resource we digital resource we use adjusts to meet the individual needs of YOUR student.


Looking to check-up on your student’s lunch account balance, grades, sage test scores, missing assignments, attendance records, and e-mail a teacher?   Aspire is your one-stop-shop for all of this and more.

Utah Compose

Provided by the state of Utah, Utah compose helps students become stronger writers.  With lessons of grammar, conventions, and writing traits this program has good resources to support student writing.

Imagine learning 

Designed to support reading in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, Imagine Learning is also helpful to ELL students and struggling readers.    Funded through a grant by the state it is one of the highest ranked software programs for supporting reading.  Adapting to the individual needs of each student Imagine Learning provides parents with flexible options to support reading at home.   The first time you When use the program at home you will need to enter our school site code, which is 4900024.   Struggling to log in?  Your child’s teacher will have all the details you need!


The top ranked digital platform for online learning offered by Utah State grants, this adaptive program supports students in filling in gaps in learning.   (Parent Tip: We love it when you support your student with homework but too much help on this program can mean you child is placed on a path that is too challenging; frustrating their use with the program and negatively impacting their learning.)

Research indicates that student who earn 30 points a year in IReady have completed a full year’s worth of growth!

Typing club

Did you know that it is recommended that student be able to type 5 WPM for each grade level?   So a third grader should be able to type 15 words per minute.  A sixth grader should be able to hit 30.  Students in all grades at WPA can login to Typing Club Online to practice their keyboarding skills.  Looking for an extra challenge?  Trying keyboarding in Spanish!

Google classroom 

Many of our teachers use Google Classroom to provide students with 24/7 access to assignments, resources used in class, and even recordings of teachers teaching for review at home.    Google classroom even allows students to turn in work online (eliminating assignments that “go missing” between home and school!)

 You will need to login to google classroom WITH your student using the following steps. 

Step #1: Go to
Step #2: Click on “Sign in to Classroom.”  Using student’s school email accounts and passwords set up in class to login.
Step #3: Select the class you want to access. 

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