Julie Greenwood

Spanish Teacher

All about me - todo sobre yo

Hola amigos!

My name is Julie Greenwood and I am the new Spanish TA at Wasatch Peak Academy. Here are a few things about me that I think you should know:


I attended Southern Utah University and studied Spanish as well as Education, and I graduated in 2017. I am also ESL endorsed, so I love to teach languages and how the world works. I loved going to SUU and met a bunch of amazing people who helped me with my Spanish and I even went on Study Abroad to Granada, Spain during the summer of 2011. It was difficult but I learned so much from that trip!

Other Experiences

I also served an LDS mission in Malaga, Spain and spent some time in Los Angeles, where I met so many amazing people with whom I still keep in contact. After my mission, I went back to SUU to finish my degree. I became a Spanish tutor and helped fellow students with their speaking and writing skills. Spanish really isn't that difficult to learn! The best time to start is at a young age! But it is still fun and easy to learn at any age.

Interest and Hobbies

I like being involved in a lot of things and to be outside when the weather is nice. Winter sports are fun, but the summer is when I like to go to the lake or the ocean and go canoeing, camping, and just relax on the sand. I also play the occasional video game and when I can, I go to comic-con and attend concerts. I love music and to share good things with those around me. The world is an amazing place!

Why I'm excited to work at Wasatch Peak Academy

I never thought that I would end up in an elementary school since I studied Secondary Education, but I am loving it so far. I like that I can teach at different grade levels and make learning fun by playing games and showing fun videos that can help the students learn more Spanish and Latin culture. This is a unique school and the students are at the stage that is best for learning a new language. I want to do my best to help each student learn the best that they can, and I will! I know there is also a great community here that I can work with. I always look forward to working with others for the benefit of our children.