Wasatch Peak Academy

Meet the Members

Megan Triplett – President

Term expires June 2021

I am thrilled to be the new President of the Wasatch Peak Academy Board of Directors. I am constantly amazed at the commitment from the parents and the quality of the students that attend Wasatch Peak Academy. There is such energy at the school and it is a real honor for me to be a part of that environment.


I grew up in North Ogden and attended Weber State University where I obtained my associate degree. I come from a family with strong roots in education and I married into a family of educators. I have worked for the Davis Chamber of Commerce for over seven years, where I have been the bookkeeper and financial advisor to the president. It has been a rewarding career for me. Just this past year, after my third child, I moved my office home to be with my children. I reside in Bountiful with my wonderful, supportive husband and my three great kids, one of which attends WPA. We live in an old house that we are constantly renovating.


A few years back I started thinking about my oldest starting school and worried about him getting the attention and challenges he needed. I wasn’t convinced public school was the best option for him. I then heard the buzz about Charter schools. At this same time I had just finished working with the Davis Chamber Women in Business and was looking for a new venture that I could devote some of my time. I am a firm believer in community and service and wanted to find an outlet I could contribute to. I felt like WPA would be a good option for me.


It has been a joy to serve on the Board and watch the school grow over its first few years. I am elated to see the direction that the school is headed in and feel very fortunate to be part of this movement. I get excited about the new programs we’ve introduced and to know that we are not only educating our kids but inspiring them to look beyond themselves and reach out to their community. I look forward to serving your children.



Wendy Tibbitts – Board Member

Term expires June 2020

I am passionate about education.  I grew up in Poway, CA a suburb of San Diego.  During my childhood, I grew to love learning from hands on experiences and attending excellent schools.  I love the ocean, mountains, reading, singing, running, biking, and serving others.  I received a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in music from BYU.  I taught 4th grade for 3 years before becoming a stay at home mother.   While a teacher I focused on the needs of students at varied academic levels.  I became a supporter of leveled learning as it engages the student to learn at their level and still feel challenged.  I believe it is important for students to learn critical thinking skills while still having fun.

Over the past six years I have watched four of our five children benefit greatly from the education provided by outstanding teachers and staff at WPA.   I have served on many committees.  I have lead the Parent Service Learning Committee for 5 years and spent 2 years on the Community Council.  I love that we have the opportunity as parents to be involved in our school and help teachers provide our students with better curriculum, resources, and individual opportunities to engage in the learning process. 

I am honored to be on the Board and continue to serve this great school in providing an atmosphere where a higher level of learning can take place in core subjects.  Students also have incredible opportunities to excel in service, music, physical education, art, technology, and Spanish.  It is a school where parent support and involvement greatly benefits the students.  Knowledge, respect, service, kindness, and confidence are all hallmarks of Wasatch Peak Academy.  I love this school.



Mark Clifford – Board Member

Term expires June 2020

Mark Clifford has lived in Davis County most of his life. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in psychology and a minor in business. He worked as a residential appraiser for ten years, eventually starting his own company and training other appraisers. While appraising, Mark started investing in Real Estate and has had twenty years of experience in operating, building, and maintaining apartment complexes and hotels. Mark has inspected hundreds of properties as an appraiser. He has managed budgets, staff, capital improvements, and bought and sold several commercial properties.

He and his wife, Jill Clifford have 4 children that have all attended Wasatch Peak Academy. Mark feels strongly about the importance of education and appreciates the exceptional academic experience his children have had at WPA. Mark also understands that parents play a significant role in their children’s education and feels that participating on the WPA School Board gives him another important opportunity to be involved and make a difference.



Juan Arce-Larreta – Board Member

Term expires June 2019

Born and raised in Utah, I have lived in North Salt Lake since February of 2004.  My wife Candi and Jack (12), Sophia (10), and Charlie (8) have been a part of the WPA community for five years.  We especially love the intimate setting and strong and dedicated staff.


Amongst other positions I have worked as an attorney and in the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office.  I now enjoy my favorite and most challenging job to date as a stay at home father.  I enjoy volunteering and serve on a number of boards.  In my spare time I play and coach soccer, fish and hunt, play racquetball.  I also enjoy backcountry snowboarding and have done that for nearly 35 years.


I hope to do all I can to contribute to and improve upon Wasatch Peak Academy's excellent learning environment.  In the end my approach is quite simple and that is to learn and work with others to manage and provide resources that establish the most productive learning environment possible for the students at WPA.  I will work to solicit and encourage parent opinions and involvement in the process.  I look forward to engaging with you and your children to further their growth as leaders in our community.



Lani Rounds– Board Member

Term expires June 2021

Lani Rounds has served in multiple capacities in education including as a special education teacher, an administrator, and a charter school board member, for over 14 years. She has worked in both traditional district schools and charter schools and loves the educational option that charter schools provide families. Currently, Lani is a special education teacher in Weber School District.


Prior to her career in education, Lani worked for a software development company as a software tester, served as a drug and alcohol prevention education specialist for Weber Human Services, and worked as a tax examiner for the IRS.


Lani fell in love with the teaching and learning environment provided at Wasatch Peak and was super excited to become part of the WPA educational community as a board member.

Financial Oversight 
The Governing Board oversees the financial health of Wasatch Peak Academy. All budgets are approved by the Governing Board and published on the Utah Public Finance Website.