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Our Tuition-Free, Public Charter School

Our K-6 charter school in North Salt Lake is consistently one of Utah's highest ranking schools, but we are more than just an academic institution. We believe that education is more than just textbooks and worksheets. Visit our campus in North Salt Lake, UT to learn what makes Wasatch Peak an incredible place to send your children! Plus, there is no cost to enroll, so what are you waiting for?

Service Learning 

Service Learning is an approach to education that combines learning goals and community service in ways that can enhance both student growth and the common good.  In the words of the National Service Learning Clearinghouse, it is “a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.”

Wasatch Peak approaches Service Learning as an opportunity for students to take the lead in their education; foster real world problem solving; and be empowered to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Spanish Instruction

Learning a second language offers proven benefits for intelligence, memory, and concentration. Wasatch Peak offers a daily and culturally-rich Spanish instruction to students, allowing the to double the number of people world wide that they can communicate with world wide.  

Twelve benefits of learning a foreign language:

  • Learning a foreign language boosts brain power.
  • A person’s ability to multi-task is developed.
  • The onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s is stalled.
  • Memory function is improved.
  • The mind becomes keener and identifying small details.
  • Polyglots are seen to display improved decision-making ability.
  • The first language is improved.
  • Performance in other academic areas is enhanced.
  • It makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures.
  • Foreign language expands career potentials.
  • It builds self-confidence.
  • It aids in self-discovery and self-actualization.

Learn more about these benefits here.

Wasatch Peak Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

At full capacity, WPA can serve up to 520 students. In Kindergarten through sixth grade, there will be two or three classes per grade with approximately 26 students in each class. WPA runs on a modified traditional school year schedule. There is not a year-round track option. 

Additional Information

  • WPA is a targeted assistance Title I school.
  • Title I: A federal allocation of funds for public schools for the purpose of supporting students identified as below grade level in math and reading.

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